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01154680319 HARRASSING

Invalid number

0202111222 DANGEROUS

hmrc scam

08004007210 DANGEROUS

“Obviously a phishing scam, but I can’t imagine how terrifying it might be for people unwise to such things.” A third, commenting on the issue, stated: “If you receive a call telling you about your NI number being compromised - do not press one!”

07589062735 DANGEROUS

A scam. They ring saying your amazon prime free trial is up ( I dont have Prime plus Amazon dont have my phone number) , then; https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/amazon-prime-phone-scam-warning-19692506

01016193734 DANGEROUS

Another internet provider scam, do not press any of the options!

070900656140 DANGEROUS

HM Inland Revenue. Recorded message: Started to say that their was a case against me for- I then rang off. I await a visit from Police Scotland. I may wait a long time. Number seems to originate from Indonesia.







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