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02260552413 DANGEROUS

This is a scam caller .... they even left a message! Pretending there’s been a breach of my personal security details e.g. my national insurance number and need to ring this number in order to prevent money being taken from my account, This is 100% bogus,

0016923146126 DANGEROUS

This number called me today, I didn't answer as I didn't recognise it. When I tried to call it back it was not recognisable, likely a scam call and then the number was cancelled.

01204159223 HARRASSING

Purported to be HMRC advising me that there was a fraud case pending against me and that I needed to speak to an HMRC person. Failure to do so would mean a court order would be served on me immediately. The voice giving the message was not synthesised. How can anyone read the script, knowing they are harassing someone? HMRC use post and never use threatening phone messages like this one.

01154680319 HARRASSING

Invalid number

0202111222 DANGEROUS

hmrc scam

08004007210 DANGEROUS

“Obviously a phishing scam, but I can’t imagine how terrifying it might be for people unwise to such things.” A third, commenting on the issue, stated: “If you receive a call telling you about your NI number being compromised - do not press one!”







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